DYUTI – Developmental Yearning for a United and Transformed India Rajagiri with its vision of 'becoming a centre of excellence in learning for enriching and fulfilling LIFE' has been regularly providing an annual forum for deliberations on vital issues of development from a right perspective. This series of deliberation (started in 1998) is named as DYUTI meaning 'spark of life’.

Some of the national & international conferences include:

  • International Seminar on Trends in Social Work Education – 1998
  • SWIMS ’99 – Social Work in Medical Setting
  • OASIS 2000 – Social Work in School Setting
  • Grama Swaraj 2001 – Role of Social Work in Decentralized Administration
  • Janus 2002 – Whither Social Work Education?
  • International Peace & Social Work Education, 2005 (International)
  • Swasraya Bharath 2007 – Rural Development & Social Work
  • Human Rights and Development: A RightsRights-Based each to Social Work Practice -  2007
  • Millennium Development Goals and Child Protection (2009)
  • Right to Life”: A critical appraisal of the state interventions to address citizens’ right to survival    and quality of life (2010)
  • International Conference on Environmental Justice and Social Work Practice (2011)
  • National conference on Family competence and social development: Emerging paradigms in    Social Work Practice ( 12,13,and 14 January 2012)
  • International Conference On Global Public Health And Social Work (2013)
  • National Conference on Community Mobilization for Empowerment: Trending Strategies and Practice Models (2014)
  • International symposium on Evidence in Global Mental Health (2015)
  • National Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Children (2016)
  • International Conference on Healthy aging and mental Health(2017)
  • Reimaging social work education in the outcome based perspectives and practices (2018)



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