DYUTI- (Development Yearnings for a United and Transformed India)
’Rajagiri with its vision of ‘becoming a center of excellence in learning for enriching and fulfilling LIFE’, has been regularly providing an annual forum for deliberation on vital issues of development from a rights perspective. This series of annual conference is conducted nationally and internationally on alternative years since 1998, and it is named as DYUTI meaning ‘spark of life’.

YearTheme of the DYUTI Conference
1998International Seminar on Trends in Social Work Education
1999SWIMS ’99 – Social Work in Medical Setting
2000OASIS 2000 – Social Work in School Setting
2001Grama Swaraj 2001 – Role of Social Work in Decentralized Administration
2002Janus 2002 – Whither Social Work Education?
2005International Peace & Social Work Education (International Conference)
2007Swasraya Bharath 2006 & 2007 – Rural Development & Social Work
2007Human Rights and Development: A Rights-Based approach to Social Work Practice
2009Millennium Development Goals and Child Protection (2008-2009)
2010Right to Life: A critical appraisal of the state interventions to address citizens’ right to survival and quality of life
2011International Conference on Environmental Justice and Social Work Practice
2012National conference on Family competence and social development: Emerging paradigms in Social Work Practice
2013International Conference On Global Public Health And Social Work
2014National Conference on Community Mobilization for Empowerment: Trending Strategies and Practice Models
2015International symposium on Evidence in Global Mental Health
2016National Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Children
2017International Conference on Healthy aging and mental Health
2018Reimaging social work education in the outcome based perspectives and practices
2019Global Social Work conference on Multi-Sectoral and Interdisciplinary Responses to Health and Well-Being
2020Migration and Social Inclusion: Perspectives for Human Rights and Social Work Practice